10 Unnecessary money expenses that go unnoticed

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Some tips to save money are obvious, such as not flying first class, eating less times in restaurants, or giving up bad habits like smoking. On other occasions, there are opportunities for savings that are sporadic and do not allow consistent savings month after month as the choice of the cheapest hotels for vacation or the purchase of a used car instead of a new one; They are great tips, but they will not help lower your monthly expenses.

However, sometimes we do not realize that there are savings opportunities in everyday activities. Here is a list of 10 tips to save that you probably did not know:

1.        Do not buy branded productsImage result for expensive bags

Buy generic brands always when it is an option that does not significantly affect the quality of the product. When reviewing labels, in most cases, the ingredients of two products can be identical or almost identical, but have significantly different prices. For example, it is now very common to find generic medicines for patents on branded products that have already expired; They have the same components but they are sold at a lower price.

2.        Messenger Service

Anticipate the need to send and receive letters and packages by courier so that when the time comes you do not have to pay the extra express delivery fee to arrive from one day to the next. The fast service can cost you up to 10 times more compared to normal service.

3.        Pay a mechanic every time something goes wrong with the car

The basic maintenance of the car is something that less and less we have learned; One of the reasons is that we are getting busier and we prefer that someone else does the maintenance work. The money is flying out of your wallet if you take your car to a workshop for every small complication.

Several of the problems with automobiles are simple and do not need a professional mechanic to solve them; even many of the routine maintenance tasks can be performed at home. Research online if you can do the maintenance yourself before going to the mechanic’s workshop.

4.        Go buy food when you are hungryImage result for eating

If you shop at the supermarket every time you are hungry, even just a little, you are more susceptible to buying extra food that you do not need or that you will not eat. This also happens when you go shopping with too much free time and without a predefined shopping list. If you visit the supermarket with a defined list of products, when you have other tasks to do and only a certain amount of time to do them, you are less likely to spend time exploring all the islands and picking up more food than you need.

5.        The purchase of a snack in the store “from time to time”

Image result for in-store purchasesIt is a trap in which it is very easy to fall for the simple fact of not keeping a record of all the small purchases of snacks you make on the fly. All those bottles of soda and bags of chips that you consume when you refill the gas tank or stop at a convenience store make a difference not only in your budget but also in your diet. If you assign a small defined budget to moderate the consumption of snacks you will see that you can save a significant amount per month. You can also buy them by volume in supermarkets at a lower cost. With $ 20 in snacks purchased in volume you can substitute an expense of $ 50 to $ 200 in a corner store or a service station. In turn, to avoid visits to convenience stores, create the habit of carrying plenty of liquids (preferably natural water) and a snack or two with you every time you leave home.