Another advantage of R + D + i, tax incentives

Image result for tax incentivesR + D and tax incentives are two concepts that are united in Spain and more after the last fiscal modifications approved by the executive on June 20, where these are the only deductions that have been strengthened by the current government.

Concepts such as the 18-year tax credit, deductions of up to 42% that also allow the limits of the deductible quota to be increased by up to 60%, activate R & D expenses to carry out an accounting plan, deducted by personnel dedicated to R & D activities and the famous and at the same time unknown Patent Box, are concepts that are heard in tax departments, but that companies rarely apply.

The motives:

  1. Many companies do not apply these incentives due to lack of knowledge or, on other occasions, if the concept does sound, the correct functioning of these deductions is unknown.
  2. Most companies have never considered doing them due to the fear of demonstrating the execution of an R & D project, since there is an extreme difficulty in classifying the activities correctly (confusing development with innovation is very recurrent).
  3. The most mentioned reason for companies and businessmen is the strong legal insecurity before the hacienda and more obtaining high amounts for these deductions.

There are different formulas to reduce this degree of insecurity (and even eliminate it, for example, the issuance of binding Ex-Post reports.) They indicate the type of activity that the company has developed, the amount that is deductible and the items that can be deducted. To take advantage of these incentives, do not confuse an Ex-Post report (report that is carried out once the project is executed) with the Ex-Ante reports (such as those provided by CDTI) that indicate spending that is likely to be made.

Having an expert consultant in this specialty is an indispensable fact for any company that carries out R & D & I activities. Locate the projects subject to the deduction, see the nature of the expense, calculate the tax credit explaining its legal operation, obtain legal security against the farm, and document everything to obtain guarantees against an inspection, it is part of the work that must be carried out carried out by a professional consultant and with a strong knowledge about the sector. Planning from the beginning of the fiscal year is essential for the correct functioning of the entire process.

Making these deductions is not only available to Spanish companies with large tax cabinets. The purpose of these incentives is to support SMEs to be awarded for investing in R + D + i.

Plan, identify and guarantee this process, it is an essential work to take advantage of the tax advantages that we have in Spain, the best of all the European market for R & D & I.

5 fabulous tips for this Good End

Image result for el buen finWhat is El Buen Fin?

El Buen Fin is a Mexican initiative based on the Black Friday of the United States, which takes place on the last Friday of November. Black Friday puts everyone in the lead with their sales of up to 50% off. That day people do not sleep and wait outside the stores because the objects fly.

In Mexico, this still does not happen because there is still a need for businesses to provide better discounts for better products. However, with each year El Buen Fin is growing more and more and better things are expected for this year; so, if you want to encourage you to see what you can find in El Buen Fin, in Finerio we give you 5 valuable tips so you can make the most of your money and demand the best price for the best quality.


1. Plan your purchases

Do not go to the Good End just with the idea of ​​seeing that you are and if you like what you buy. Big mistake! Before poking your nose at shopping centers and stores, write a list of the things you really need and what you have to buy. Maybe you think it’s boring because it would only be things like super, medicines, household items, etc. Excellent! Did you know that shopping centers such as Wal-Mart and Farmacias del Ahorro will participate this year? Also dental clinics, furniture stores and self-service stores. You can check the list of participating shops on the page

After you have the most relevant things you can think about things that you would like to buy and maybe you will need soon: clothes, shoes or technology. Make a list of what you need most and prioritize.

2. Define your budget

Image result for budgetNow, since you have your list, determine how much money you can allocate to the items you would like to buy. That is, if you want to buy a room, set a budget limit for that. If you want a pair of t-shirts and pants, how much money would you be willing to pay? Stick to that budget and look for the best deals.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the excitement of purchases and excessive expenses. Remember that in the end your portfolio will resent what you spent and you will have to pay.

3. Be a demanding buyer

When buying, look for products that really have offers. Do not buy expensive items that are disguised with offer prices. Unfortunately in El Buen Fin most of the businesses offer few offers that are worth it, if you do not convince the “offer” that they are giving you better choose to go to another establishment. Perhaps this is how stores begin to offer better discounts to their consumers.

According to a Deloitte survey, 52% of Buen Fin consumers believe that the discounts are the same as other events such as night sales, annual sales and end-of-season sales. Do not let them see your face!

4. Opt for discounts on payment facilitiesRelated image

The most popular benefit of El Buen Fin is the payment facilities: months without interest on your purchases. But is it really a benefit? Maybe you just end up in debt for an item you did not need. Remember not to sacrifice the peace of your future days for a whim of today.

The best benefit you can get from Buen Fin is to find good discounts. Do not! Perhaps the best thing is to find great discounts for months without interest. How about?

Although we only recommend you use the months without interest when you are going to buy something that you really need and that means a good investment for you. Do not use that option for anything because in the subsequent months it will mean a flight of your income.

5. Do not abuse your credit card

This is very linked to respecting your budget. If you respect your budget you will not have to abuse your credit card. However, we remind you that the credit card is not an extension of your salary, it is money that you will pay someday, do not forget about the next expenses that you will have to do: Christmas, New Year, gifts, vacations, etc. Do not let the January slope be waiting for you. Better avoid it.