Another advantage of R + D + i, tax incentives

Image result for tax incentivesR + D and tax incentives are two concepts that are united in Spain and more after the last fiscal modifications approved by the executive on June 20, where these are the only deductions that have been strengthened by the current government.

Concepts such as the 18-year tax credit, deductions of up to 42% that also allow the limits of the deductible quota to be increased by up to 60%, activate R & D expenses to carry out an accounting plan, deducted by personnel dedicated to R & D activities and the famous and at the same time unknown Patent Box, are concepts that are heard in tax departments, but that companies rarely apply.

The motives:

  1. Many companies do not apply these incentives due to lack of knowledge or, on other occasions, if the concept does sound, the correct functioning of these deductions is unknown.
  2. Most companies have never considered doing them due to the fear of demonstrating the execution of an R & D project, since there is an extreme difficulty in classifying the activities correctly (confusing development with innovation is very recurrent).
  3. The most mentioned reason for companies and businessmen is the strong legal insecurity before the hacienda and more obtaining high amounts for these deductions.

There are different formulas to reduce this degree of insecurity (and even eliminate it, for example, the issuance of binding Ex-Post reports.) They indicate the type of activity that the company has developed, the amount that is deductible and the items that can be deducted. To take advantage of these incentives, do not confuse an Ex-Post report (report that is carried out once the project is executed) with the Ex-Ante reports (such as those provided by CDTI) that indicate spending that is likely to be made.

Having an expert consultant in this specialty is an indispensable fact for any company that carries out R & D & I activities. Locate the projects subject to the deduction, see the nature of the expense, calculate the tax credit explaining its legal operation, obtain legal security against the farm, and document everything to obtain guarantees against an inspection, it is part of the work that must be carried out carried out by a professional consultant and with a strong knowledge about the sector. Planning from the beginning of the fiscal year is essential for the correct functioning of the entire process.

Making these deductions is not only available to Spanish companies with large tax cabinets. The purpose of these incentives is to support SMEs to be awarded for investing in R + D + i.

Plan, identify and guarantee this process, it is an essential work to take advantage of the tax advantages that we have in Spain, the best of all the European market for R & D & I.

5 fabulous tips for this Good End

Image result for el buen finWhat is El Buen Fin?

El Buen Fin is a Mexican initiative based on the Black Friday of the United States, which takes place on the last Friday of November. Black Friday puts everyone in the lead with their sales of up to 50% off. That day people do not sleep and wait outside the stores because the objects fly.

In Mexico, this still does not happen because there is still a need for businesses to provide better discounts for better products. However, with each year El Buen Fin is growing more and more and better things are expected for this year; so, if you want to encourage you to see what you can find in El Buen Fin, in Finerio we give you 5 valuable tips so you can make the most of your money and demand the best price for the best quality.


1. Plan your purchases

Do not go to the Good End just with the idea of ​​seeing that you are and if you like what you buy. Big mistake! Before poking your nose at shopping centers and stores, write a list of the things you really need and what you have to buy. Maybe you think it’s boring because it would only be things like super, medicines, household items, etc. Excellent! Did you know that shopping centers such as Wal-Mart and Farmacias del Ahorro will participate this year? Also dental clinics, furniture stores and self-service stores. You can check the list of participating shops on the page

After you have the most relevant things you can think about things that you would like to buy and maybe you will need soon: clothes, shoes or technology. Make a list of what you need most and prioritize.

2. Define your budget

Image result for budgetNow, since you have your list, determine how much money you can allocate to the items you would like to buy. That is, if you want to buy a room, set a budget limit for that. If you want a pair of t-shirts and pants, how much money would you be willing to pay? Stick to that budget and look for the best deals.

Do not let yourself be carried away by the excitement of purchases and excessive expenses. Remember that in the end your portfolio will resent what you spent and you will have to pay.

3. Be a demanding buyer

When buying, look for products that really have offers. Do not buy expensive items that are disguised with offer prices. Unfortunately in El Buen Fin most of the businesses offer few offers that are worth it, if you do not convince the “offer” that they are giving you better choose to go to another establishment. Perhaps this is how stores begin to offer better discounts to their consumers.

According to a Deloitte survey, 52% of Buen Fin consumers believe that the discounts are the same as other events such as night sales, annual sales and end-of-season sales. Do not let them see your face!

4. Opt for discounts on payment facilitiesRelated image

The most popular benefit of El Buen Fin is the payment facilities: months without interest on your purchases. But is it really a benefit? Maybe you just end up in debt for an item you did not need. Remember not to sacrifice the peace of your future days for a whim of today.

The best benefit you can get from Buen Fin is to find good discounts. Do not! Perhaps the best thing is to find great discounts for months without interest. How about?

Although we only recommend you use the months without interest when you are going to buy something that you really need and that means a good investment for you. Do not use that option for anything because in the subsequent months it will mean a flight of your income.

5. Do not abuse your credit card

This is very linked to respecting your budget. If you respect your budget you will not have to abuse your credit card. However, we remind you that the credit card is not an extension of your salary, it is money that you will pay someday, do not forget about the next expenses that you will have to do: Christmas, New Year, gifts, vacations, etc. Do not let the January slope be waiting for you. Better avoid it.

Easy Loans: Financial Aid You Understand | Loans Quebec

Image result for easy loansDo you feel that the world of finance is not for you? Are you tired of always consulting the financial experts for whom you are only a source of profit? If so, we understand the disappointment you feel. By talking to the experts for help, you realize that your financial success is of little interest to them. For this reason, Prêts Québec not only has your personal success at heart, but also, it is our mission to simplify the world of finance so that you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

We believe that for our clients to get the help and loans they want, they need to understand the process and work with us.

At Prêts Québec, getting a loan is easy

We have worked hard so you can benefit from a simple application process and fast file processing. Our 3-step service allows our clients to choose the service they need, fill out a form and be associated with the creditor who best suits their needs; all this from their home and in a very short time.

Step 1: Choose the service you need

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a very wide variety of services. When you complete the application process, you have the choice of:

  • loans
  • mortgages
  • Assistance in case of debts
  • Credit Solutions
  • Entrepreneurial financing
  • Etc.

No matter what your credit history or credit rating looks like, Loans Quebec can help you.

Step 2: Submit your application online

Nobody wants to spend all their time filling out a form in an office of a loan company. That’s why our way of doing things is different. Simple, fast and secure, the application can be made on our website from home and at any time of the day.

Step 3: Be associated with the creditor who is best for you

Once your application is submitted, our system will analyze your file and will associate you with the creditor who will best meet your financial needs. Loans Quebec has a large network of creditors who are always listening to customers.

An excellent alternative to payday loans

Often, in case of emergency, payday loans seem the ideal solution to get by. But dishonest creditors take advantage of the financial problems of others to drag you into a circle of indebtedness. At Prêts Québec, we can offer you a loan repayable in installments. Our interest rates are low, the application is easy and fast. Loans Quebec offers you everything you need to get away and regain your financial health.

The application form

We have been working on our application form for several years in order to improve it and make it as easy as possible. Today, the end result allows you to apply for a loan quickly, in clear language and, most importantly, to have an answer in a short time.

10 Unnecessary money expenses that go unnoticed

Related image

Some tips to save money are obvious, such as not flying first class, eating less times in restaurants, or giving up bad habits like smoking. On other occasions, there are opportunities for savings that are sporadic and do not allow consistent savings month after month as the choice of the cheapest hotels for vacation or the purchase of a used car instead of a new one; They are great tips, but they will not help lower your monthly expenses.

However, sometimes we do not realize that there are savings opportunities in everyday activities. Here is a list of 10 tips to save that you probably did not know:

1.        Do not buy branded productsImage result for expensive bags

Buy generic brands always when it is an option that does not significantly affect the quality of the product. When reviewing labels, in most cases, the ingredients of two products can be identical or almost identical, but have significantly different prices. For example, it is now very common to find generic medicines for patents on branded products that have already expired; They have the same components but they are sold at a lower price.

2.        Messenger Service

Anticipate the need to send and receive letters and packages by courier so that when the time comes you do not have to pay the extra express delivery fee to arrive from one day to the next. The fast service can cost you up to 10 times more compared to normal service.

3.        Pay a mechanic every time something goes wrong with the car

The basic maintenance of the car is something that less and less we have learned; One of the reasons is that we are getting busier and we prefer that someone else does the maintenance work. The money is flying out of your wallet if you take your car to a workshop for every small complication.

Several of the problems with automobiles are simple and do not need a professional mechanic to solve them; even many of the routine maintenance tasks can be performed at home. Research online if you can do the maintenance yourself before going to the mechanic’s workshop.

4.        Go buy food when you are hungryImage result for eating

If you shop at the supermarket every time you are hungry, even just a little, you are more susceptible to buying extra food that you do not need or that you will not eat. This also happens when you go shopping with too much free time and without a predefined shopping list. If you visit the supermarket with a defined list of products, when you have other tasks to do and only a certain amount of time to do them, you are less likely to spend time exploring all the islands and picking up more food than you need.

5.        The purchase of a snack in the store “from time to time”

Image result for in-store purchasesIt is a trap in which it is very easy to fall for the simple fact of not keeping a record of all the small purchases of snacks you make on the fly. All those bottles of soda and bags of chips that you consume when you refill the gas tank or stop at a convenience store make a difference not only in your budget but also in your diet. If you assign a small defined budget to moderate the consumption of snacks you will see that you can save a significant amount per month. You can also buy them by volume in supermarkets at a lower cost. With $ 20 in snacks purchased in volume you can substitute an expense of $ 50 to $ 200 in a corner store or a service station. In turn, to avoid visits to convenience stores, create the habit of carrying plenty of liquids (preferably natural water) and a snack or two with you every time you leave home.

How to save quickly for the first deposit? | Loans Quebec

Image result for save for first depositBetween renting an apartment and buying a house, the house is always a better choice. This is especially true nowadays because interest rates are extremely advantageous. The only disadvantage with acquiring a home is that you have to make a first deposit. Here are some tips to quickly raise the money needed for the first deposit.

Canadian banking laws require that you have at least 20% of the value of the house to make your first deposit. If you do not have that much money, you will have to buy insurance on your mortgage and you will have to make a first deposit of at least 5%.

The average price for a house in Canada is approximately $ 350,000. That means you will need at least $ 17,500 if you want to buy a house. If possible, it is better to have more than the minimum deposit. The bigger your first deposit is, the cheaper your mortgage will be at the end. For example, if you put only 5%, your monthly payments will be very significant. Remember that monthly payments are also added to all costs associated with repairs, renovations, taxes, notary fees and other costs. Finally, the lower your first deposit, the higher the cost of your mortgage insurance.

Save for the first deposit

 <b>Save for the first deposit</b>

When you start thinking about a house, you should also think about saving for the first deposit. A good idea would be to start making automatic payments from your checking account to another account reserved for savings. If you miss $ 1,500 or less you can also apply for a personal loan.

Savings options

Savings accounts with high interest rates are a good option for picking up money. However, it is rare to see the interest rate exceed the 2% threshold. Also, some additional fees may be associated with this account. Another disadvantage is the temptation to withdraw that money for use for other purposes.

Government savings bonds are another way to save money. However, make sure that these vouchers allow you to withdraw your money at any time, because if you find the home you need, you will need money fast.

The ICG also a great way to save money. The only drawback is the impossibility of withdrawing money at any time. However, if you do not plan to buy your home in the very near future, it might be a good idea to save for the first deposit.

The money market is another way of saving. Make sure you can withdraw your money at any time.


Image result for rrspIf you are buying a home for the first time, the Canadian government allows you to withdraw up to $ 25,000 from your RRSP under the Home Buyers’ Plan. This $ 25,000 must be repaid within 15 years. When you repay this money, your retirement plan will not be improved because this money could not be invested and therefore did not generate any return.

If you buy for the first time, this program is for you. However, be careful about the amount you withdraw. It is best to save money and use the least amount of money from your RRSP. Save well and you will benefit from lower monthly payments, in addition to paying a little insurance. However, to get there, you must be disciplined and patient, the rest is just a matter of time.


Image result for innovation spain

Last Monday, the inaugural day of the GENERATION COMPETYO was held in the CREA building, which encourages:

  • To constitute a network of people and professionals of Aragonese companies specialized in Management of Innovation in the company. The network acts as a regional alliance of knowledge and innovation, within the Europe 2020 Strategy “Union for Innovation”.
  • A permanent program of training and accreditation of technicians in innovation within the company. Didactic innovation is introduced for the effectiveness of learning, informal learning, socialized, use of collaborative environments, etc.
  • Relationship with other regional alliances in European and Spanish regions for the exchange and mobility of knowledge, new collaborative projects, etc. In particular, the relationship with innovation alliances in Ibero-American countries will be strengthened.

Within this program, the course that will begin on November 25th as the Manager of Knowledge and Innovation in the Company is framed.

What we have to take into account when hiring life insurance

Image result for life insuranceThe crisis has left and will leave many lessons and lessons learned, many of them good since we have changed our habits and learned lessons that we apply to the domestic economy. Each time we learn more and analyze better, which extends to a greater control of income and expenses. This change collides with another upward trend, try to be more forward looking and avoid future risks. The problem arises when an investment is “put into the same bag” with an investment, and in this last point we must include everything we allocate to forecast, where a product, Life Insurance , should stand out.

The reasons for hiring have already been explained, is the best option to protect economically those we love most and even ourselves in harsh circumstances such as disability. But what do we take into account when hiring?

  • Conduct a current economic analysis : Both our income and our expenses and financial charges. To study very well what is supposed for the family unit both salaries and future expenses (the case of the mortgage, long-term product is very important) will determine not only the need for Life Insurance but also the amount of insurance to be hired.
  • Determine future family needs : Closely linked to the previous point but thinking even more in the long term, having young children, for example, can determine needs not current but future as covering the cost of their studies.
  • Analyze and adjust all coverages : In addition to covering the death, we must analyze very well the rest of coverages as it is the disability that prevents performing work activity. Adding additional coverages such as increasing the money to be received in case of accident can be very interesting if, for example, our activity forces us to use the vehicle very frequently.
  • Are you sure single or additional insurance? : Having a unique insurance to cover all needs is generally more cost effective than adding additional and temporary hire insurance to cover the loan repayment or in case of a trip. Analyze economically the cost of slightly expanding insurance coverage to cover this type of eventualities.
  • Payment of the premium : The form of payment is also very important when we have to balance income and expenses. Being able to do it on a monthly basis can be more economically beneficial as long as it does not entail an extra cost with respect to whether the premium is paid annually.


Life insurance is an investment in security and tranquility that we should not ignore but always analyzing very well what our current and future needs are to obtain the most adequate coverage.

Запорно-регулирующая арматура

Компания EGE-RUS официально представляет на рынке России турецкого производителя запорно-регулирующей арматуры EGE Industrial Сontrols. Регулирующая арматура этой фирмы продаётся под брэндом ecoflo, который хорошо зарекомендовал себя в странах Ближнего Востока, Европы и Азии. Благодаря прямым поставкам из Турции, EGE-RUS реализует товары по самым низким в нише ценам, а также организует поставки в любую точку РФ и стран СНГ.

Запорно-регулирующая арматура используется для изменения параметров рабочей среды, идущей по трубопроводам. Она может использоваться для полного перекрытия потока, изменения отдельных его характеристик (давления в системе, скорости потока, температуры и уровня жидкости), а также для смешивания, разделения сред. Арматура трубопроводная промышленная применяется для обеспечения безопасности технологических процессов, герметичности линий. В трубопроводах она служит для обеспечения технических требований к транспортируемой рабочей среде.

Классификация запорно-регулирующей арматуры

Запорно-регулирующая арматура делится на несколько видов:

  • запорная (клапаны, задвижки, шаровые краны и т.п.) – арматура для перекрытия потока рабочей среды и обеспечения необходимой степени герметичности.
  • регулирующая (клапаны, вентили, краны сегментные, задвижки и т.п.) – арматура, позволяющая регулировать расход среды, давление, заданный уровень и другие параметры рабочей среды за счет изменения проходного сечения арматуры.
  • защитная или отсечная (обратные, отсечные клапаны, фильтры  и т.д.) – арматура, отключающая участок системы при возникновении аварийной ситуации  с целью защитить от последствий аварийного изменения параметров среды.
  • фазоразделительная (маслоотделители, воздухоотводчики и др.) – арматура для разделения сред;
  • предохранительная (предохранительные импульсные конструкции, перепускные клапаны) – арматура для автоматической защиты оборудования и трубопроводов от недопустимого превышения давления посредством массотвода (сброса избытка среды).

Особенности конструктивного исполнения регулирующей арматуры

Регулирующая трубопроводная арматура специально разрабатывается для использования в каких-то определённых условиях: температура рабочей среды, диапазон допустимого давления, тип среды (газ, жидкость), агрессивность среды (кислоты, щёлочи, электролиты и др.). В зависимости от данных особенностей арматура трубопроводная запорная и регулирующая может отличаться конструктивно и материалом исполнения.

На производствах и для бытовых нужд по-прежнему эксплуатируется арматура только с ручным регулированием параметров рабочей среды. Однако сейчас большое распространение получила арматура с приводом, которая позволяет организовать дистанционное и автоматическое изменение характеристик потока. Зачастую в ней предусмотрена и функция ручного регулирования.

Арматура с электроприводом

Это наиболее удобный вид подобных устройств, поскольку позволяет организовать максимально точное и плавное регулирование параметров среды. Кроме того, управляющий блок электрического привода можно располагать на удалении от самой арматуры, производить его обслуживание и временное снятие без отключения трубопровода. Также, для работы исполнительных органов, управления, контроля системы требуется только один вид энергии – электричество.

Арматура с пневмоприводом

Этот вид арматуры, в отличие от устройств с электроприводом, может безопасно использоваться во взрывоопасной атмосфере (например, в угольных шахтах) или на объектах с большой запылённостью воздуха. Подобные устройства для функционирования нуждаются в наличии системы сжатого воздуха. В связи с отсутствием подвижных частей (редукторов, шестерен и др.) арматура с пневмоприводом отличается высокой надёжностью, простотой обслуживания и доступной стоимостью.

Отсечная арматура


Данный тип арматуры характеризуется высокой скоростью срабатывания, устанавливается для включения в аварийных ситуациях, когда требуется быстро отсечь от основной системы какой-либо трубопровод или агрегат. Это могут быть клапаны, запорные устройства, задвижки и др. с электрическим либо пневматическим приводом. Наиболее часто используется отсечная арматура с пневматическим поршневым приводом одностороннего хода, с помощью которой достигается максимальная скорость закрытия и жёсткая фиксация конечного положения.

Арматура высокого давления

Такие устройства применяются в системах с высоким давлением (6,3 – 80 МПа). Все детали арматуры высокого давления изготавливаются из специальных твёрдых сталей, а на готовых изделиях не допускается наличие любых дефектов, способных повлиять на герметичность системы (сколы, трещины и др.). Чаще всего исполняются в виде односедельных или двухседельных устройств. Первые требуют наличия мощного привода, тогда как двухседельные сложнее в устройстве и, как следствие, более дорогостоящи.

Регулирующая арматура ecoflo – прямые поставки от производителя в Россию и СНГ

Компания EGE-RUS поставляет запорно-регулирующую трубопроводную арматуру серии ecoflo производства турецкой компании EGE Industrialcontrols в любую точку России и стран СНГ.

На сайте можно заказать автоматическую регулирующую арматуру для интеграции ее в системы дистанционного управления технологическими процессами, в системы с автоматическим контролем работы трубопроводов. Для обеспечения заданных технологических требований, возможна поставка арматуры с пневмоприводом и электроприводом. Компания производит и поставляет регулирующие клапаны, шаровые краны, дисковые поворотные затворы, угловые клапаны, пневматические приводы в различных комплектациях для работы в широком диапазоне температур и давлений.

Подробную техническую консультацию по регулирующей арматуре, условия поставки и оплаты можно получить по телефону в Уфе: +7 (347) 284-38-25.

Вся продукция соответствует международным стандартам качества, что подтверждается наличием соответствующих сертификатов ISO 9001:2008, PED, ТР ТС «EAC». Производитель EGE Industrial controls находится под постоянным аудитом TÜV-SÜD (Германия). Товары подлежат гарантийному обслуживанию производителя, а 25 летний опыт выпуска регулирующей арматуры позволяет создавать современные надёжные изделия, которые проходят обязательный контроль на заводе.