Government spending review: £ 310million for Tees Valley transport


The TRANSPORT projects in Teesside and Darlington are expected to receive £ 310 million over the next five years.

This is part of the nearly £ 7bn donated by the Treasury to areas with metro mayors to give them the power – and responsibility – to improve key ties.

Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen welcomed the funding which he said means the region is getting its “fair share”.

But last night there were accusations that government transport spending per capita was still “disproportionately focused on London and the south-east of England”.

It will help fund improvements to train, road, bus and bicycle travel and includes money for Darlington, Eaglescliffe, Hartlepool, South Bank and Redcar stations.

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Mr Houchen said: “If the government is serious about leveling up, it has to prove that it doesn’t just want to improve London’s roads and tube connections, we have to see real investment in Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool – and this is another example of them doing just that.

“Every part of our transport network in the region will be affected, with our essential practical projects such as major station renovations and road improvements, alongside funding for more innovative projects such as low-emission vehicles and traffic lights. intelligent traffic.

““ I have been in talks with ministers for months to make sure we get our fair share of government money. There is much more in the pipeline and we will continue to work with the government to access all available funds to make our ambitious project a reality.

The funds will also go to the maintenance of the A66, other motorway projects, improvement of priority routes for buses, bus shelters, cycle paths and zero-emission vehicles.

The funding was revealed Wednesday ahead of the government’s spending review.

Stockton South MP Matt Vickers said: “The good news keeps coming. This huge and welcome amount that is coming directly into the Valley of the Tees will be spent to improve infrastructure and transport. Locally, it still means more money for the reconstruction of Eaglescliffe station, improvement of our road network and a significant investment in cycle paths.

“This government is investing in Teesside like no other. From transportation to our main streets, it’s fantastic to see every part of our region get the upgrade it deserves.

Redcar MP Jacob Young added: “Once again, Boris Johnson’s government is supporting Teesside and demonstrating its commitment to upgrade our region, with better opportunities and connections across the Tees Valley.

“Better transportation means businesses will invest here, which means better, easier to access jobs for local people – and it’s great to see Redcar and TS6 benefit from this money.

“We have a mission, for the transformation of Teesside, working together as a conservative team to achieve it. Our region is on the rise.

The Treasury has confirmed that Greater Manchester will receive £ 1.07bn, while £ 830m will be given to West Yorkshire, £ 570m to South Yorkshire, £ 1.05bn to the West Midlands , £ 540 million in the West of England and £ 710 million for the City of Liverpool area.

The announcement is presented as a vote of confidence in the decentralization program, as all those who receive the money are areas with metro mayors.

Some £ 5.7bn will be in transport regulations for the regions, while £ 1.2bn in new funding will go to transforming bus services to deliver travel times, fares and services from London style.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said, “Big cities need great transportation and that is why we are investing billions to improve connections in our urban areas as we expand opportunities across the country.

“There is no reason why someone working in the North and Midlands has to wait several times longer for their bus or train to arrive in the morning compared to a commuter in the capital.

“This transportation revolution will help correct this imbalance as we modernize our local transportation networks to suit our major cities and the people who live and work there.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said, “We are absolutely committed to rebuilding and stimulating regional economies across the country, and these investments are a clear example of how we are doing it.

“Modernizing our transportation network is at the heart of our upgrade program. This funding will act as a catalyst for the regeneration of cities by improving infrastructure and ensuring more people have better access to employment and education.

The decentralized governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive additional funding through the Barnet Formula as a result of this investment for England – this will be described in detail during the spending review. ”

Jim McMahon, Labor shadow secretary of state for transport, said: “All we get from this government are isolated announcements and no coherent plan. While we are still waiting for the promised 4,000 zero-emission buses, cuts in bus services and rising ticket prices are pushing more and more people to use more polluting means of transport.

“If ministers were serious about making sure cities in the north are better connected, they would deliver to HS2 in Leeds and the north rail station. Both of these projects are key to tackling the climate crisis and transforming the economies of the North and Midlands, if ministers go back on their word, communities will rightly feel betrayed. ”

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