Artha Venture Fund managing partner got fit during pandemic and lost 20kg, shares weight loss journey

Anirudh Damani, Managing Partner, Artha Venture Fund, says he has been on a diet for 20 years but nothing has ever really worked to help him stay in shape and control his excess weight.

He says: “Ever since the parents of my parents’ generation were diagnosed with lifestyle diseases, I have been on a diet. I also believed I was doing a decent job controlling sugar etc and eating healthy – but my scale and my pants would disagree. However, during the lockdown things spun out of control.

“I ate the same diet as when I was active; therefore, I gained a lot of weight without regular movement. However, I didn’t see it until I shot a video with my nephew, I barely recognize myself! I looked like I was over 50 and in very poor health,” he says. The video was his wake-up call and Damani told himself that if he didn’t make a drastic change, he wouldn’t be able to truly live the life he wanted.

enter intermittent
After trying various fitness routes over the years, Damani found the combination that worked for him – a combination of paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, and detox. “The initial part of the plan didn’t involve any heavy exercise. Later I added yoga, running, strength training and (recently) swimming,” he shares. He says it works for him because there were no cheat days – it was a lifestyle overhaul.” This lifestyle intervention removes unnecessary waste put into our bodies because the media and marketing companies of consumer goods qualify them as “healthy”. When I realized the extent of the damage these products had done to my health, it was easy to eliminate them from my lifestyle,” he says.

Damani’s family has also been key to his success. “Living in a joint family with my parents and my brother’s family has been a big help. The regime is rigid, but their support has been fantastic.

Positive change
For Damani, perseverance has paid off and he is reaping the rewards of his healthier habits. “The most significant change is the unlimited energy I have activated but with less food. I sleep better, wake up rested, exercise, but feel overfed even with long hours of work or days of traveling. I didn’t know that the human body could do as much as mine these days, especially on the amount of food I consume, “he shares. And his irritability also took a hit. nose.” I witnessed a reduction in the things that irritate me. Due to limited food intake, my body (and mind) rations my energy depending on the severity of the problem. I’m super focused when needed and much less involved if I think the situation can resolve itself. That mental fog that many of my peers complain about is gone,” he adds.

Damani says if anyone is serious about a health kick, they should realize one thing: it’s not a fad. “It takes 7 to 10 years for your body to replace all of its cells. Therefore, some of what you put in your mouth today will take 7-10 years to replace. Therefore, we have to be careful what we consume today,” he says. Make a plan and take massive action, he says, and realize you are stronger than you think.

“Even the smallest changes we make to ourselves could inspire people around us to add years to their lives. This is the biggest and most important lesson I learned from this change,” he said.

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