DB Cargo is developing a rail transport solution for hydrogen

DB Cargo aims to transport industrial volumes of hydrogen in the near future. To this end, it is working on a supply chain solution for transportation from seaports to hinterland consumers.

Part of the solution is to use existing tank cars, because most of the hydrogen Germany currently imports is in liquid form. “DB Cargo alone serves more than 2,100 interfaces, customer connections, terminals and inland ports. Green hydrogen needs green logistics – and we can already offer that today,” says Sigrid Nikutta, Head of DB Cargo.

DB Cargo is also working on dedicated hydrogen tank cars to transport pure hydrogen, ie in gas form. However, at this time, this would only benefit small-scale operations, such as hydrogen filling stations.

The transport of hydrogen by rail should accelerate the use of hydrogen in the German energy mix, especially since a network of pipes for this purpose is non-existent. DB Cargo offered no timetable for its plans, but hinted that it wanted to achieve major milestones in the current decade.

Infra-Rail Forum 2022

Developments in sustainable rolling stock and associated infrastructure such as charging and refueling are the central theme of the Rail Infra Forum on 12 and 13 October in Berlin. From alternative fuels and batteries in passenger rail to on-track machinery, and from overhead battery charging to hydrogen refueling. The program and speakers can be found on the event website.

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