Public transport and pvt affected due to shortage of CNG at pumps

Public transport services – including auto rickshaws, taxis and some app-based taxis – as well as some private cars, were affected on Friday due to low CNG supply pressure in the metro area. of Mumbai (MMR).

Taxi and rickshaw unions across the city claimed about 30% of taxis and auto rickshaws were off the roads due to long queues at service stations. However, officials from Mahanagar Gas, which distributes CNG to MMR’s pumps, said only 10-20% of the vehicles were unavailable. In some places, the queues were over 500 meters long. “Several CNG pumps were shut down across Mumbai on Friday morning due to a pipeline failure near Uran. As gas supply pressure was low, the pumps were unable to deliver fuel” , said a Mahanagar Gas official, adding that the shortage was also fueled by a sudden increase in demand.

“We spent two to three hours waiting in a queue to fill our tanks. Despite this, we were only getting 40 to 50 per cent gasoline of the tank’s capacity,” said Shivram Yadav, 30, a motorist from Malad. Normally the capacity of a rickshaw tank is around 4 kg. However, due to a shortage of supplies, the tanks were only filled with 1.5-2 kg.

As a result, drivers were forced to refuel after five to six hours. “CNG is ideally supplied at a pressure of 240 bar. However, it is now supplied at only 140-150 bar. It seems that there is not enough gas, which leads to long queues outside the CNG stations.

Meanwhile, auto rickshaw union leader Thampi Kurien said: “Due to low pressure in the CNG supply, motorists have been forced to wait in queues for hours, reducing the number of vehicles on the road by 30%. About 8 lakh vehicles run on CNG in the MMR, including more than 2.5 lakh private cars, 4 lakh auto-rickshaws and one lakh taxis (including black and yellow).

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