The Water Transport Workers’ Federation will observe the day of protest on September 15

The Water Transport Workers Federation of India has decided to observe the national day of protest on September 15, demanding the immediate withdrawal of the National Asset Monetization Pipeline policy in the port sector, which has rendered redundant port workers, laid off and resulting in job losses.

Principal Port Authorities Act 2021

The Federation cited the example of the JNPT, which facilitated the rapid implementation of NPM, after the enactment of the Principal Port Authorities Act 2021, by drafting a model concession agreement to enable ports to resume cargo handling terminals to private parties under the PPP model.

Likewise, the easy facilitation of basic activities, such as cargo handling and maritime operations, will be entrusted to the contractors in accordance with the provisions of MPA Act 2021, the Federation’s two-day working committee meeting held in Kochi. observed and demanded from where the MPA Act 2021 should be removed.

Salary settlement

T. Narendra Rao, Secretary General, WTWFI passed a resolution urging the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways to conclude the Wage Settlement for Port and Port Workers at the earliest without any preconditions, which could have been put in place. works with effect from January 1, 2022.

In another resolution, the Federation demanded the immediate payment of the Port and Worker Productivity Reward by September 30, in view of the approaching festival season in the country, as per the agreement of the protocol of agreement.

The working committee condemned the action of the BPCL management for deducting 8 days’ wages for participating in the two-day national strike, in accordance with the call of the central trade unions.

Vacancies and privatization

He demanded that all entry-level positions at ministerial and operational levels be filled at the earliest as these positions are vacant due to downsizing. The Federation has also opposed management’s attempts to fill some of these vacancies through labor placement agencies.

The Federation has urged the ministry to drop the decision to privatize the port hospitals under the PPP model, citing the outsourcing of Mumbai Port Hospital under the PPP project to a private company in disregard of eligibility criteria .

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August 07, 2022

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