Two Roads Brewing Company – Cellar Technician – Third Shift – 10am-6:30am –

Two Roads Brewing is looking for a Third Shift Dedicated Cellar Technician to join the team! The primary responsibility of the winery technician is to oversee all cold side operations, including separation, CIP, dry hopping, transfers, and barrel racking, among many other duties. Brewery work experience or graduation from a full brewing training program is preferred. The ideal candidate will have a strong basic knowledge of brewing science, a passion for beer making and a variety of food or beverage related experiences. The Winery Technician must coordinate with brewing, packaging, and quality personnel to effectively manage beer processing to meet production schedule requirements. Secondary responsibilities may include assisting with hot side wort production. This is an entry level position with a tiered compensation approach. A focused, intelligent and hard-working person will be able to progress very quickly in this position. This position requires a schedule from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


• Perform all cold side production operations including but not limited to: dry hopping, fruit/sugar additions, beer recirculation, CIPs, beer/yeast transfers, pilot tasks, carbonation adjustments and barrel racking.

• Provide support to Shift Brewers and Lead Shift Brewers by pulling, organizing and loading raw materials as required.

• Make sure the cellar is clean and organized at all times.

• Ensure that all production data is saved to the appropriate location(s).

• Coordinate with the Chief Cellar Technician to ensure the beer required for packaging is ready when required.

• Coordinate with Brewers and Head Brewers to ensure VFs will be ready for wort or beer when needed.

• Perform routine sensory and quality analyzes on finished beer in process.

• Perform all work in accordance with Two Roads SOPs and safety programs.

• Report necessary maintenance and safety issues.

• Monitor inventory of chemicals, PPE, brewery parts and equipment, and raw material inventory.

• Communicate with incoming shift and report to head brewers to ensure full information exchange at each shift change.


The cellar technician will be trained and responsible for the following points and their respective SOPs:

• Safety training, basic sanitary procedure, material management, cellar cleaning, external CIP FV/YT, external pilot system cleaning

• Keg rinsing/racking, Firkins cleaning/filling, sensory entrainment, pilot tank internal CIPs, pilot tank BBT carbonation/conditioning, acid tank internal CIPs, Braumat basic CIP operation

• Internal FV/YT CIP, YT steam sterilization, DA unit CIP, DO measurement/purification, precise carbonation, automated pipe closure CIP, cell counting, automatic titrator operation, box C

• Adding sugar/fruit to FV, dry hopping (top of FV and hop cannon), Venturi operation, master recipe cards, FV to FV transfers, dry hopping pre-fermentation, use of automated pipe fence .

Machinery, tools, equipment and PPE

Electric pallet truck, mechanical pallet truck, mechanical forklift, forklift, pocket knife/box cutter, DIN key, assorted wrenches and screwdrivers, rubber mallet, safety glasses, safety toe cap, non-slip boots, dust mask/respirator , chemical/heat resistant gloves, face shield, bump cap.

Environmental conditions:

In performing the duties of this position, the shift brewer is exposed to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions including, but not limited to; extreme heat, risk of physical injury, exposure to hot fluids, pressure vessels and transfer lines, strong odors, chemicals, loud regular noise, extreme heights and moving machinery.

BENEFITS: Two Roads offers a comprehensive set of benefits including:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short-term incapacity
  • 401(k) with business match
  • Personal leave
  • Free drinks and merchandise!

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